Frequently Asked Questions

What does TRUDGE mean?
Yes, the infamous question with a really bad answer. Back in the day, there were 10 college males on the team (or at least a couple women that also considered themselves ‘dudes’). Pursuing revenge on the 1975 game vs. Rutgers (see below), these self-proclaimed uglies decided they needed a new name. Hence: Ten Really Ugly Dudes Getting Even, or TRUDGE.

When did this Ultimate madness start at RPI?
We’ve been there since the beginning, RPI lost to Rutgers University in the finals of the first ever UPA Championship Ultimate Tournament which took place at Yale in 1975.

Wait, so you play other schools?
We go all over the place to play. About the 2nd or 3rd weekend after classes start we have our first tournament. We play around 3-4 tournaments in the fall as well as Alumni Thanksgiving. Spring season we usually play around 4-5 tournaments, including USAU Sectionals.

Sectionals? How competitive is this?
Well, it can be very competitive, and it can be very relaxed. For example, Fall for new players is a season of learning. There are fun tournaments, with few high pressure scenarios. If you come to practice and show that you want to go to tournaments, you’ll get plenty of playing time. 2nd semester brings new challenges. We hold conditioning practices over the Winter and get in shape for Sectionals. These practices are very important. If you don’t come to these, chances are you won’t be in shape (and likely not invited) to Spring tournaments, especially sectionals.

What about Practice?
Check out the practice page.

Is there a women’s team?
Absolutely! Though you might not know it from just looking around, females do exist. During the fall the women have tournaments just like we do, and in the spring they compete in USAU sectionals (and beyond) as well. The women only recently started their own team and they need as much help as possible. Women, grab a disc and some cleats and get yourself out here!

I want to play. What do I need to know/do?
The best way to get involved as a freshman is to sign up for the ultimate NRB day trip. You can also play ultimate at the freshman olympics, an event that will happen your first weekend here. We help host these awesome events while giving you the chance to meet us and learn a little more about RPI Ultimate. Secondly, it takes dedication. Ultimate is not a lackadaisical sport. You run a lot (until you pull your groin [Tom]). You layout (and break your collarbone [Stokes]). You collide with people (and get a pneumothorax [Rich]). Practices are mandatory. You go to practices, you go to tournaments, it’s as easy as that. And about your workload; it can be tough, I’m not gonna lie. My recommendation is think of it like sport practices in high school: You always went, even if you were up ridiculously late doing work. Plus practice is a nice break in your lame, class-filled day. We do understand, however, if you can’t make it.

Where can I go to learn more?

5 Ultimate – Ultimate jerseys, shorts, discs, and more.
USA Ultimate – The official governing body of ultimate in the US
The Ultimate Handbook – A great source for learning throws, strategies, and drills
Ultimate Lingo – The Dictionary of Ultimate Lingo
Gaia Ultimate – Ultimate footwear, discs, and apparel
VC Ultimate – Ultimate footwear, discs, and apparel