Strudge at Binghamton

What is ultimate?

Ultimate is a self-officiated, non-contact team sport played with a disc.

Strategically like soccer, athletically like basketball, technically like football, but spiritually like no other sport, ultimate pushes players to their limits in often brutal competition for the disc.

To learn more about ultimate's rules and lingo, see our dictionary as well as USA Ultimate's official website.

How can I join?

You can contact some of our officers directly, reach us at, or just show up to practice!
Our practice times for the Fall of 2023 are listed below:

Spring 2024 Practice Times


Location: Anderson Field

Our Teams

We have two active teams, Trudge (the men's team) and Strut (the women's team). We are Strudge when we play mixed.

We practice on Anderson field at the same time, but separately.

Humble Beginnings

When did this Ultimate madness start at RPI?

We've been there since the beginning, RPI lost to Rutgers University in the finals of the first ever UPA Championship Ultimate Tournament which took place at Yale in 1975.

What does TRUDGE mean?

Yes, the infamous question with a really bad answer. Back in the day, there were 10 college males on the team (or at least a couple girls that also considered themselves 'dudes'). Pursuing revenge on the 1975 game vs. Rutgers (see above), these self-proclamed uglies decided they needed a new name. Hence: Ten Really Ugly Dudes Getting Even, or TRUDGE.